PROOF models ascending to higher heights and we’re ready to go!

Joshua Bielec
Steven Nwachukwu
Nathaniel Osadiaye
Lunar Sofar
Prentiss Watson
Reno Gourdine
Marcus Smith
Dallas Williams
Johhny Alexander
Philip Malcom
Robel Wondemenh Meles
International | Ethiopia

If you are tired of working with these big talent/ model & acting agencies and dealing with the promises and not so personalized services of an agent, then it’s time you sign with us!

The Promise:
help aspiring models / actors launch their careers
recommend jobs for upcoming projects with other promoters
help build and create clients’ portfolio to top professional industry standards
seek best fit opportunities for clients that fit the industries needs
assist in setting up photo shoots with company preferred photographers
offer personal stylist duties if needed per additional fees
The commitment:

We promise to follow through and commit to your success and work as a team to get the best product, to enable you to make the best of your talents and expertise. We still stand by you, for you and with you.

Thanks for the opportunity to work with you!