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I’ve always felt that we all have a voice and given the opportunity we like to voice our opinions on whatever the subject, so with my passions and pleasure of the industry of all that’s beautiful, I never got asked so “what do you think” about the subject? We all have a sense of style whether you deem it important or not somebody’s watching so let’s give them something to talk about!

“Keeping Style & Fashion Up Front” and let’s keep the conversation going!

If you need a host for your next event or maybe even add a little more extra then let’s make it a Red Carpet Event! Style Speaks will help make your Birthday / Graduation Party / Reception / Baby Shower & Anniversary or just a special occasion a memorable one!

Latest Interview: Miss Porsche Lee Taylor!

Porsche Lee Taylor was crowned Miss DC United States in 2016 and is also the founder of SayYes, a creative employment solutions agency, founded in October 2015. She is most definitely a lady on the move!

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